Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Bloggers want to win readers for their blog, you spend a lot of effort to make their site more user-friendly model.
There are several things to consider when creating a home page layout, it should be easy to navigate and the colors are easy on the eyes, the font must be size and color in a way that can be easily seen and read by visitors.
Today everybody knows what is a blog, and many people have a blog for personal or business use.
One site (if not the first) was first to provide space for bloggers, is
Currently, the site is still something special. Blogger is owned by Google, and you, for the AdSense ads on your blog and in other ways.
This makes a great opportunity for those who want to make money online but do not want to spend large sums of money in advance.
Create an account
Before your first blog, you must register with Blogger. If you already have an e-mail to Google, this makes the task easier. If not, you have to get yourself in the process of creating a blog. We will use your Gmail address as the user name to log in to Blogger in the future.
Choose a great name for your blog
Once your account is complete, you can begin your first blog.
Thus, it can be found as simple as possible, you should contact the relevant keywords in the title. I know that sounds like a title like "blog Little Miss Kitty" is nice, but does not tell you much about your readers, what you write. "Great advice for PC with Linux" much more clearly.
Now you need to find the address for the blog. This is a very important step. Try to put the same keywords in the URL, if possible. In this case, I'll try "linuxpctips" and it turns out that, at present, the address is available.
Copy of the letter and continue verification.
Choose a simple design
Some models offer a beautiful color, but the theme is the most clean and minimal that you choose, the more people will focus on the content rather than the design.
And you want them to focus on the content!
How to create a Blogger blog
There are several ways in which you can monetize your blog. The easiest way is with. Easy Google AdSense ads One of my friends post some jokes every week, and actually make a profit this way.
You can also purchase articles from article directories, put it on your blog and earn money from advertising.
Another option is to put your own content to write to the affiliate product. You can do a product review, and your affiliate link is connected.
Given the number of "Get Rick Quick Zerowork quest" story online, it is no wonder that more and more people are trying to get a piece of that money in your own pocket. If there are so many stories that you can earn money online, you know how hard it is to be? This school of thought has people from all over the world are trying to start a blog to make some money 'easy.


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